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How long have you been collecting?  
I'm a long-time comic fan (35 years), but only bought my first piece of artwork in 2000. Since then I've been gradually acquiring pieces.
Have you added any new pieces to your gallery lately?  
  Probably, though it might be difficult to tell, as I keep the number of "featured" pieces on the home page fixed at 35. Check my diary of new uploads.
Are any of the pieces on this site for sale?  
  I'm not actively trying to sell any pieces (and when I do, I put them on ebay), but if you see something you can't live without, make me an offer I can't refuse. (Note, this is NOT the same as asking me how much I want for it ;)
In that case, are any of the pieces available for trade.  
  I'm much more likely to trade than sell, especially if you have something I'm really looking for. I'll even add cash if necessary.
So - what ARE you looking for?  
  I'm pretty much a DC collector.  My focus is increasingly from early 60s to mid 70s, with special interest in Superman.  Covers, splashes, possibly even good old interiors.
How can I contact you?  
  You can email me here.