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Justice League Of America #22

Cover reinterpretation by Min ku

Justice League of America #21-22 featured the first team up of the JLA with their golden age counterparts, the JSA in stories entitled "Crisis on Earth-One" and Crisis On Earth-Two" respectively. These "Crisis" crossovers were to become an annual event (until rendered obsolete by the classic Crisis On Infinite Earths), and as a boy, I really loved these all-star extravaganzas.

Fast forward 35 years, and Bruce Timm creates the Justice League animated series. In a homage to the JSA, he creates the Justice Guild and sets the episode "Legends" on Earth-Two.

Combining these ideas in this fully painted commission, Min Ku, artist for Justice League Adventures, reimagines the first Crisis crossover as it may have looked featuring the Justice Guild.

Original Cover

Rough Sketches

First Prelim

Second Prelim

Side-by-side comparison